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Difficulty: Beginner Prep Time 10 mins Rest Time 5 hrs Total Time 5 hrs 10 mins
Best Season: Fall


Hello, November! It's pumpkin season ğŸŽƒ and I couldn't be happier, because I simply love pumpkin! I grew up with pumpkin pie and I simply loved it as a kid too. It is so versatile and I have learned how good it can be in savoury recipes as well (as I was living in India I tasted different combinations with pumpkin).

This combination came to my mind one day when a craving for tiramisu hit me😅 and I happened to have some pumpkin in the house as well. I just baked it, pureed it, added some pumpkin spice and mixed the tiramisu cream with it.

The result? DIVINE! My husband loved it to the core and you'll love it too! Give it a try!



  1. Making the cream

    Start by mixing the pumpkin puree with the pumpkin spice and sugar. Mix well, then add the mascarpone cheese and beat everything well with a mixer. Separately, beat the chilled cream until thick and almost stiff. Incorporate the cream gently in the pumpkin and mascarpone mixture with a spatula by folding it. Set the cream aside.

  2. Preparing the ladyfingers

    Soak every ladyfinger in the cooled espresso and start lining them on the tray. Repeat the same steps until you have a first layer of ladyfingers in the tray. Add 1/4 of the quantity of the cream, spread it nicely, then add one more layer of soaked ladyfingers, then repeat the steps and finish with a layer of cream. Dust the tiramisu with cocoa powder and chill it in the fridge for at least 5 hours.

    Enjoy! You will love it!

My name is Andreea and I live in Bucharest, Romania. Born with a passion for cooking, I grew a fondness towards global cuisine and the local food consumed around the world. Not only would I like to share this passion with you all but also introduce recipes from around the world that you can try and discover how incredibly good these dishes can be.