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One week ago I saw the first strawberries in supermarkets but they didn’t match with the weather in Germany (it was snowing on the 8th of March!).
This week though I have seen 2 blooming trees and I said to myself “This is it. Spring is coming.” So my way to welcome spring was by baking this amazing strawberry frangipane tart.

I love spring, it is definitely my favourite season! The time the nature comes back to life and local fruit and vegetables are to be found everywhere! Can’t wait for sunny days, fresh salads, and bloomed trees!❤️

I have tried for the first time Dominique Ansel’s recipe for the shortbread crust and it was soo yum! Basically he indicates in his masterclass to cream the room temperature butter with the sugar and then add the rest of the ingredients. I cannot say it was way much better than the other recipes I have tried before, but you can also give it a try and let me know.

I wanted to add some strawberries in the tart as well but why not enjoying it fresh? I decorated the tart with fresh strawberries and this way their freshness really elevated the taste of the tart. I personally don’t like strawberry texture that much once it’s being cooked so this is why I avoid adding it into cakes, I’d prefer decorating them with them and enjoy their freshness, after all we only get 2-3 months per year of season so why not enjoying them for their beautiful texture and taste?

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