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The Best White Chocolate Lava Cake

Difficulty: Intermediate
Servings: 2
Best Season: Suitable throughout the year


Forget about the classic lava cake, this one is the best! I have made this white lava cake 2 weeks ago on V-Day and it turned out unexpectedly good! I have added plenty of lemon zest and orange blossom water and the flavours were absolutely insane.

I am not a big fan of white chocolate but I'm telling you, this lava cake was really good! It' important to use plenty of lemon zest or any other flavouring as in comparison with the classic lava cake, white chocolate has no flavour and it might turn out pretty bland if you don't add any flavour to your lava cake.

I have grated lemon zest and rubbed it with sugar between my fingers to make sure I extract all those oils from the lemon. I would suggest you to do the same. Orange blossom is optional but that gives it a nice oriental touch to it. Let's get started!


For 2 Lava Cakes


For the lava cakes

  1. Making the lava cake

    Start by melting the white chocolate and butter over bain marie (a bowl over a pot with simmering water or hot water, steam bath basically).  Melt and let it cool slightly.

    Rub the lemon zest with the sugar between your fingers, making sure it releases all those oils. Set aside.

    In a bowl, mix the eggs  and the orange blossom water with a mixer for about 30 seconds or until it has big bubbles (this is not mandatory, but it gives the lava cake an airy texture which I like more than being too dense). Add the flour and keep mixing until the flour has been incorporated. Add the zest and the sugar and incorporate them. Add the end, add the melted chocolate and butter and give it a mix.

  2. Baking the lava cake

    Take 2 ramekin bowl and butter them, then divide the batter into the 2 bowl. Cook the lava cakes for exactly 9 minutes (or easier - until it forms a crust on top, basically when it looks like the top has been cooked completely) and then remove the lava cakes immediately from the bowl to prevent further cooking. Serve them with fruit of your choice and enjoy!

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