Pudding pretzels with strawberries 🍓 Another week, another German bakery experiment! This time I tried to make Puddingbrezel, something that you find in any German bakery, that is a sweet pretzel with vanilla pudding! I added some strawberry too and it was delicious! It is super simple to make these. You just need puff pastry, vanilla pudding and fruit of your choice. So good! I think the recipe doesn't need to many explanations so let's go ahead and see you to make these!
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  1. Making the pretzels

    The first step would be making the vanilla pudding according to the instructions on the package. Let it cool down until it comes down to room temperature.

    Take your puff pastry and divide it into 8 equal strips (I used a measure tape for that, but you don't have to do that). Mine were 2.5 cm each, you can make it bigger or thicker, it is really up to you and up to the dimension of your puff pastry. There are no rules in this recipe.

    Form the pretzels as showed in the video here 

    Make sure you line the baking tray with baking paper! Very important as after baking the pudding will stick to the bottom and once the pretzels are cooled you can remove the paper without issues and enjoy your pretzel.

    Transfer the vanilla pudding in a piping bag and fill the pretzel holes. Add fruit of your choice and at the end brush the pretzels with the beaten egg. Bake for approximately 30 minutes or until they are golden brown. 

    After baking make sure you let them cool down. Don't eat them while hot as the pudding will fall part. Once it is cooled, remove the baking sheet carefully from underneath and enjoy! They are soo delicious!

Numele meu este Andreea și locuiesc în București, România. Născută cu o pasiune pentru gătit, am dezvoltat o predilecție față de bucătăria globală și față de mâncarea locală consumată în întreaga lume în timpul petrecut în India. Nu numai că aș vrea să împărtășesc această pasiune cu voi toți, dar și să vă prezint rețete din întreaga lume pe care le puteți încerca chiar și voi, la voi acasă. Veți descoperi cât de incredibil de bune pot fi aceste preparate și vă veți îndragosti de ele iremediabil!