Easy Chinese Mango Pudding

Andreea Farcas
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Is it too hot to turn on the oven but you want a quick, delicious, fruity and healthy dessert? Then I would suggest you to try this amazing mango pudding which has very few ingredients.

Just like the famous Hong Kong milk tarts, the Chinese Mango Pudding also has non-Chinese roots. Many say that it came into existence during the British time and I believe it might be true since desserts like custard or pudding are widely spread in British cuisine.

I simply love mango and this is why I loved this pudding too! It s very simple and creamy and you can substitute the gelatine with agar-agar.



  1. Cooking the pudding

    Start by processing the defrosted mango in a blender or wit a vertical mixer until your get a beautiful mango puree. Mix the mango puree with the heavy cream (keep 4 tablespoons of heavy cream aside for decoration) and with the sugar and cook for approximately 5 minutes or until it starts bubbling.

  2. Notes on gelatin

    Separately, prepare the gelatin according to the package instructions. I had to dissolve mine in 25-50ml of water for 10 minutes, then I put it on water bath so that it will dissolve completely, making sure the temprature of the gelatin does not reach 60 degrees, otherwise the properties of the gelatin get destroyed.

    You can also use agar-agar for a vegetarian version instead of gelatin. Just add the amount specified on the package (5g should be enough for this quantity) to the mango puree mixture and boil it together with it from the very first beginning. Remember, gelatin gets destroyed while exposed to high temperatures or if you boil it, agar-agar needs to be boiled in order to activate it. Just choose what works best for you.

    I added the dissolved gelatin into the cooked pudding mixture and mixed properly. I poured the pudding into 4 cups and I let it come to room temperature, then I refrigerated them for at least 3-5 hours.

  3. Servire

    Serve the pudding with 1 tablespoon of heavy cream on top (you don't need to beat it) and mint leaves or additional mango cubes. Traditionally these puddings are made and served with evaporated milk in China, but I used heavy cream for extra creaminess. Enjoy!

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